Classic dates with a romantic twist: Winter Edition

As the snow falls from the night sky it is hard to resist the euphoric sensations that are both serene and exhilarating. The air is crisp and also silent. Few experiences, if any, can recreate the romantic atmosphere of winter.

It is the perfect opportunity to fall in love with your favorite person. Whether you are celebrating a ten year anniversary or a first date check out these classic dates with a little fun, spontaneity, and a touch of old fashioned for the perfect winter date.

1- Visit Santa at the North Pole, or the mall if you can’t make it. You can’t have Christmas without a trip to the mall. It creates the perfect atmosphere when the mall is adorned with colossal sized wreaths, balls, and ever greens. Christmas music plays in the background and the air is buzzing with the excitement of holiday shoppers. A personal favorite, the candied almonds being made right there in the mall and the smell is AMAZING!!! Grab some for an extra special treat or at least sample!

2- If malls aren’t your thing then head outdoors for Ice Skating. It’s okay if you aren’t great or even mediocre at ice skating! All the more reason for holding hands!



3- Make some cookies and deliver them while Christmas caroling! This is perfect for getting into the true spirit of Christmas and you’ll have a ton of fun doing it!


4- Hot chocolate while walking in the snow it sounds simple, but is so romantic! Bust out this idea when the snow is falling for maximum romance. The best conversations and laughs are had while walking in the snow sipping from a thermos of hot cocoa.

5- Make some popcorn strings and snowflakes! This one is sure to make memories with your loved ones as you string your popcorn along and decorate your tree with it. Create some homemade snowflakes to put up in your window and enjoy the whole season!

6- Bonfire! Keep yourself warm outdoors by building a fire! Cuddle up under a big blanket and bring some cider donuts and cocoa for the perfect romantic date!


6- Camping indoors is a date by itself or the perfect end to any of the other ideas! Set up a tent inside. Enjoy popcorn, shadow puppets, and treats! \






Published by

Lauren Collinwood

Kind of cheesy, a lot of fun, but mostly just happy.

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