Seven Tips for Hosting a Classy Christmas Party

Use our simple and effective tips to host the perfect holiday party with no stress for you!

#1 Invitations. First off, everyone loves mail. Second, your guests will know that this isn’t some hang-out, this is a classy party. Download a free printable and you can have a beautiful invitation in minutes.

#2 Decorate. No, you don’t have to have the perfectly set buffet table, but do get out some lights or extra garland. Do something small and special that is an accent to your party, not the focus.

#3 Music. Having some fun holiday music in the background puts everyone in a fun and festive spirit. Just don’t make it so loud that you can’t visit with your guests.

#4 Introductions. If your guests do not all know one another, then become a pro at introducing people! The key to a good introduction is sharing something that your two guests have in common with each other! This way they have something to visit about while you mingle. When the guest has something in common with another guest then they are more likely to feel relaxed and have a good time.

#5 Dress up. From the famous Audrey Hepburn, “Life is a party, dress like it.” There is no better time to dress up than your own Christmas party! Dressing up will help set the mood of your party and your guests will know this is an event!

#6 Interactive games. To keep your party from turning into a cell phone hang out, plan games that will involve everyone, are easily learned, and will make people laugh or strategize together. Why laughing or strategizing? Because, if you can get people to do one of those two things it means you got them out of their bubble and having a good time.

#7 Smile and have a good time yourself. If your guests can tell that you are stressed out then everyone starts to get a little uncomfortable. This is your element, your home, and your party so own it! Have a good time and they will too.


Published by

Lauren Collinwood

Kind of cheesy, a lot of fun, but mostly just happy.

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