5 Tips to Organize and De-Clutter your House

When I first got married I remember talking to my dad and saying, “I had no idea how much work it took to keep a clean house!” The ironic part is that we lived in a tiny apartment with no kids and I still struggled to learn how to keep it clean.

Five years and three kids later I have finally learned a few tricks to help maintain an orderly household.

#1 Trash it.

There is nothing more counter productive to a clean house than extra stuff. It wasn’t until I started trashing the extra that I was able to maintain a clean house. If you haven’t used it within the last few months then reconsider if it belongs in our house.

#2 Stop buying stuff.

You won’t be able to keep it clean if you keep bringing in more!

#3 Pick a project a day.

I learned this one from one of the cleanest people I know. She recommended to accomplish one deep clean project every day. It becomes too overwhelming to try and do it all at once. Instead, clean out your junk drawer today and wipe down your baseboards tomorrow. Each are very effective and can take less than a half hour.

#4 Invest in organizational bins.

It doesn’t matter what kind of storage bin you choose, but invest and have bins for all of your rooms, storage, cupboards, closets. You will find it is so much easier to organize when you have a specific spot for each of your items.

#5 One thing at a time.

“Mess” accumulates when you go from one project to another without cleaning your previous task. If you just cooked a meal, clean it before you move onto laundry.

Pro Tip: Put your phone down! If you spend less time on your phone you will get so much more done with your day and feel more accomplished at the end of the day.



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Lauren Collinwood

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