I used to hate it. I dreaded waking up each morning. Just the thought of getting up and doing my ‘motherly duties’ was enough to make me give up. How was I supposed to do this day in and day out? Diapers, spilled juice, the wrong color crayon, markers on my wall, food in my carpet, you get the idea. It’s enough to make someone go crazy. Well, the fact is, you can’t give up when you have little ones depending on you to pour their cereal and then wipe up the milk that will most assuredly spill.

Fast forward one year, add another kid, and here I am doing my ‘motherly duties’, but this time around I relish it. Seriously, I love waking up with my kids and I love just loving on them all day long. I am no longer in that ‘mommy slump’ that just sucks. Being a mom is now the absolute best thing to happen to me and I am just proud to say that I stay at home with my kids.

What changed? I did.

I was blessed to have my whole life come crashing down around me. The future for my family was not only bleak, but it was confusing and chaotic and nothing would be the same. I can confidently say that I am SO glad my life fell apart. Through the challenges, the tears, the hardships, the talks that went deep into the night because no one had the right answer, through it all I found something. I found perspective. I found choice. I found myself. I found so many things that changed me And I’m here to share that change.